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It's PJ's all day erryday for us

I really admire those mums who dress their babies in cute little outfits with headbands and shoes. I also admire those mums who do their hair and makeup everyday. I wish I was, but I am not one of them 😅.

I've put beanies on Björn to keep his head warm when we go out - but they bloody don't stay on! And don't even get me started about shoes 😂. There's probably nothing cuter than baby shoes - especially those for itty bitty babies. But let's be real, they don't need them 🙃.

Björn has spent most of his life in onesies - and me in PJ's 🙈. I've come to accept that while it would be lovely to look perfectly put together like a stylish dynamic duo... it ain't happening! It's PJ's all day erryday for us and I'm ok with that 😜.

I feel as mums we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect, productive and live up to an unrealistic image of motherhood. One which for me stems a lot from social media and the influencer mums. While I was pregnant I did a lot of youtube research into "life with a newborn" type content and always came across these mums who looked so put together, filming in their perfectly clean homes. I've realised since giving birth, that simply isn't realistic. At all. I mean, it's impossible when there's been weeks I've had to go days without showering!

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