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I'm desperate to leave the house...

So I found leaving the house alone with Björn for the first time TERRIFYING. I went to a hole in the wall cafe 2 minutes walk from mine, Björn in the pram and me sweating profusely while trying to act cool and confident on the surface. It was a success! He didn't cry like I thought he would and we made it home safely (I didn't dare venture elsewhere just straight back home 😅).

For many weeks I was very lucky and Björn was always super chill in the pram. We went on many outings, to the park, cafes, the pub! I really felt stoked that I could still maintain a social life and have a baby. Unfortunately the fairy tale came to an end and a few months in he decided to HATE the pram. Of course he decided to announce this hatred on a rainy day while I was on a main street 9 blocks from home 😂. I somehow made it home with much difficulty by carrying a screaming Björn in one arm and steering the pram with the other trying to dodge the rain and awkward looks from passers by. After this incident I tried to take him out in the pram again and again but he continued to protest! What happened to my chill baby?! It felt like things were going backwards. I tried using a carrier but he wasn't having a bar of that either 😩. For these few weeks I felt very trapped at home. Lucky the weather was pretty awful anyway so I tried to make the most of staying snuggled inside. But damn you start feeling a bit crazy day in day out locked inside with only a baby to talk to 😜.

What about the car? Oh hell no. I made the epic mistake of our first car trip getting caught in peak hour traffic on the freeway 🤦🏻‍♀️. Quite traumatic for both of us 😅. The crying got increasingly worse but I had no way of pulling over to calm him down! I've cried a few times in the car while Björn is also losing it. The anxiety building up to a car ride is sometimes enough to make me never want to do it 😩. I hear of babies who love the car so much they fall asleep! And parents who purposefully take their babies for a car ride in a desperate bid to make them nap! I wish I knew the answer as to why some babies hate the car and some love it 🤔.

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