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An evolving relationship

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I wish I could say that everything has been smooth sailing but it would be a lie! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have struggled with the change in dynamic of my relationship since having a baby. I knew things would change and I knew it wouldn't always be easy. There's definitely a part of me that mourns the old 'us'.

How do I put this... having a baby has brought us closer together, but also drawn us somewhat apart? Parenthood is unchartered territory and we are both trying to navigate our own path while remain a team and stay connected. It's not easy!

I guess it really is just a shift in dynamics that I need to get used to. I really love being a Mum. But I cannot deny that is has rocked the boat of my once smooth sailing relationship. It feels like I'm working a 24/7 job 😅. My mind never switches off 'Mum mode'. I am always exhausted! Aspects that I feel are really important for a romantic relationship to function well such as intimacy and spending quality alone time together have become close to extinct 😕. And when there are rare opportunities for these moments I find it really hard to switch my mind off 'Mum mode'. This all sounds very hopeless - I know it won't always feel like this and it's all an adjustment. We have so many amazing joyous moments as a family now which I feel so grateful for and will always cherish. There's truly nothing that fills my heart with more love than seeing my partner with Björn. I just hope in writing this maybe anyone else who has similar thoughts/feelings surrounding their relationship can relate and know they aren't the only one thinking it!

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